3 Things That You Should Include In Your Commercial Script

1. Emotion.

Scripts that show strong emotions but not so strong that the emotions overpower your product. Most consumers believe that the choices from a rational analysis of available products and services but according to a study however it’s emotions that greatly influence them and, in many cases, even determine their decisions.(*Descartes Error Emotion Reason Human)

2.Have a strong tagline. Taglines let your customers quickly and efficiently sum up what your company is all about. A tagline is the glue that keeps your brand together.

3.Call to action. Why do you advertise? To get more leads right? If you don’t lead those prospects to take action then why bother right? A Call To Action can be as simple as saying “Call Now!” Simple but necessary.

If you're not sure how to write your commercial script we’ll work with you to create a commercial that will get you noticed. Call us today for more information. 702.592.4673

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