How Video Can Get Your Business Noticed.

My children are die hard kiss fans so when they announced that they’d be playing a day's drive away I knew we’d be making the trek. We decided to stay overnight at one of the hotels and when my 14-year-old spotted a phone book on the night stand you would have thought that she saw a dinosaur. Okay, teens can be dramatic but facts are facts and according to a Michigan-based Local Search Association, a trade group, they found that nationally only 6 percent of phone users utilized published white pages as their chief source of information in a 2014 poll. I think that’s safe to say that the phone book may just be a dinosaur. The phonebook may have died but it was reincarnated into another form and that would be internet search engines. The two largest search engines are google and youtube and if your business isn’t on them you're missing out. Having a website isn’t enough. To get on the first page of the search engines you need quality original content. If that content includes video your web page is 50% more likely to appear on the first page of a search result. (digital Sherpa) Not only will it help get leads to your page it will help keep them there longer. Only about 20% of visitors will read text while 80% of visitors will watch a video. You can also use a video to drive traffic to your website by using video for your social media. When doing so leads are 75% more likely to visit your site after viewing the video. Simple business card videos start at $100. You can check out our website at to see some examples. Call today for your appoint 702.592.4673.

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