“How To Make The Right First Impression With Your Social Media Videos.”

Making the right impression is important and when you're putting it out there on the world-wide-web to promote your product or services it is vital that you get it right. How fast are impressions made? According to a Princeton study, it takes less than a second to form an impression of a stranger.

Statistics have also shown that 7% of what we think of others is based on what they say. So before you get to the studio to record your video really think about what kind of first impression do you want to make? Do you want to come across as skilled, upbeat, aggressive or trustworthy? Once you determine that write out what you want to say in an outline. I don’t suggest writing a script unless you’ve had experience reading a teleprompter or can remember it and read it as if you're speaking naturally.

I say naturally because the tone of your voice is very important. How important? 38% of a person's first impression is determined by the tone of their voice. Keep in mind for a youtube video you're not talking to a large arena of people you're talking to one person watching your video at a time. So speak accordingly. Practice speaking the way you want to be heard. Maybe record yourself with your phone so you can see your body language as well. This is why it's important to use a professional to get the highest quality sound.

Yes, body language is important too. During face to face meetings, 93% of people’s judgments of others are based on non-verbal input like body language. So pay attention to your posture, smile and don’t cross your arms. If you're nervous and can’t smile do something that makes you happy right before you shoot the video like watch your favorite comedian.

A lot of people want to use humor, when it works it works but when it doesn’t it really doesn’t. My advice don't risk offending a potentially great client. It’s not worth the risk. And if you must share your idea with those who well tell you the truth about how it may be seen.

When making a video it’s important to dress in your professional attire. Your clothing should be up to date and fitted. You shouldn’t wear anything that distracts from you and your message. Keep away from yellows and greens as they will not work when using a green screen.

We can make you look like the polished professional you are with high-quality sound and video. Call us today it’s less expensive than you think. 702.592.4673

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