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Your branding starts with a great logo. What makes a great logo? A logo doesn’t have to be a work of art to be effective in most cases a simple text logo works best. A simple logo made up of just text is easy to read, easily recognizable and works well on all advertising platforms. If you're worried that your logo could be easily duplicated by your competitor you may want to have a custom font made. (which can cost between $100.-$10,000 depending on a lot of factors) If you can’t afford a custom font you can mix several fonts within one word. It looks nice and if you're not a graphic artist willing to spend hours and hours looking for all the fonts you’re not going to easily duplicate it.

The font you use should be on that is easily read don’t go overboard with overly decorative fonts. And make it one that reflects your business if you're a daycare a cartoonish font is okay but if you're a mortgage company it’s not.

The color of the font can be used to make one-word pop out. If you're an Irish pub you may want to use green if you're an attorney blue is a good while the other words like team could be gray or black ...you get the idea.

If you're totally lost use google image and look at what others in your field are using. I’m not saying steal someone else's design but it will give you an idea of how you want to be seen. Maybe you’ll like one or two things from someone else and that will give you a starting point.

There is graphic artist who can help you by making a few designs for you to chose from. Don’t feel like you have to use what they offer if you're not in love with send it back. Most graphic artist understands and is willing to come up with other ideas. After all, this is how others will see your business. It’s very affordable and it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. Call us today we are here to help. 702.592.4673

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