3 Ways To Help You Tap Into The Millennial Market.

What is a Millennial and why should you care? A millennial is the generation of young adults who are 18-34 years old and you should care because they wield $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. In the United States they are a diverse group with nearly 43% of them are non-white and roughly 25% of them speak another language at home other then English.

1. If they can't look you up on there phone you virtually don't exist.

85% of millennials own a smart phone it's there alarm clock,their planner,their GPS and their phone book. So, start with the basics and make sure your website is mobile friendly.

2. Be real, be honest.

Millennials are smart buyers who have a wealth of information at their finger tips and they do their homework before they buy. So, don't call it a sale if it's not really a sale. And gone are the days of pitchmen. Millennials are used to seeing real people having grown up with YouTube and that's who they respond to not some over polished pitchman.

3. Engage them with social media.

84% of millennials follow brands of companies on Facebook,75% on YouTube and 47% on twitter.* And if you post video 66% of males and 60% females* are more likely to share,like or comment on it then any other kind of post. Who better then to sing your praises and build your brand then the millennial market themselves? Free program sites like hootsuite allows to you post to post to several social outlets all at once and the basic program starts out free if you don't have a lot of time.

Millennials are an important market for just about any business. if you need to create an engaging video that will sure to catch their attention please give us a call at 702-592-4673. We are a Las Vegas production company specializing in Broadcast &

Social Media/Website Video. See our work at Rigelstudios.tv.

(*Animoto data)

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