3 Reasons Why You Should Use Video In Your Email Marketing.

Sending Email blast is a great way to reach your potential customers but, like all advertising if your not standing out from your competitor(s) your not getting the most out of your effort. A great way to stand out and get your message out clearly is video. But even then it's important that your video is as professorial sounding and looking as you are. It is after all your company's image and image is everything. Here are 3 reasons why you should include professional video in your email marketing.

1. 52% of consumers say that watching a product/service demo video makes them more confident in there web-based buying decisions. * Invodo

2. 75% of your video viewers will visit your site after seeing the video. *Digital Sherpa

3. Your competitors are already doing it. In fact, 93% of marketers are already using video for Internet marketing,sales or communications.*Brain Shark

If your interested in creating a video that will help sales and boost your image you'd be surprised just how easy at affordable it is. Call for more information 702-592-4673.

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