Why you should Update your Advertising & 3 Tips on How to do it.

Before we look at how why or even when to advertise we really need to look at who we're advertising too. As is everything shoppers are consisting changing and so are there needs. That's why we need to change up our advertising all the time. We can't do what we did 5 years ago or even 1 year ago.

How is today's buyer different? They're smarter. With a the click of a mouse they can see your prices,service/product,ratings and your competitors too. Trust me they are doing there homework.

Rishi Dave, Dell’s executive director of global marketing was quoted as saying that most customers are 60% though their buying journeys by the time that they reach out to company sales reps. So how do you stand out and get the purchasers to take action? Here are three tips to market to today's consumers.

1. Be Ethical and straight forward. People need to feel that they can trust you so, don't do offer "Deals" unless, that's really what they are. One local store offers 2-1 deals all the time however one often times cost more then two at most other local stores. Like most people I did my 5 mins of research. Needless to say I don't shop there. People don't like to be tricked and if they don't trust you forget it.

2. Build a strong brand. You brand is one thing that shouldn't change and if you do change it you should do so slowly. Your brand can help you stand out. It should represent everything about your business. And you should use it on all things advertising.

3. Avoid pushy and aggressive adverting. When a customer feels threatened by your marketing tactics, they’re more likely to seek out your competition for a more suitable fit. Instead of yelling at someone to "GET DOWN HERE!" take the time to give them a reason to want to shop your service/business. You still should include a call to action but it should sound more like a party invitation then an order.

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