3 Ways To Make Your Advertising More Effective.

Advertising guru Leo Burnett once said " Don't tell me how good you make it tell me how good it makes me feel when I use it." In other words don't sale the steak sale the sizzle. People need a reason to buy your product or service and that's what advertising should do- give them that reason. Here are 3 ways you can promote your product more effectively.

1. Before and After pictures if your a dentist no one wants to see the braces on the teeth we want to see what the braces can do for us. Show us what you can do for us by taking a few before and after shots that will do the trick.

2. Get them to relate. By showing them something the can identify with. If you make a handy dandy product show us how it can make our life's easier by staging a oh no scenario to a problem you can fix and then show the smarter neighbor using your product that keeps the oh-nos from happening. Who doesn't want to be the smarter neighbor with the latest gizmos? Feels good right?

3. Testimonials if you make the best cupcakes in the world who better to say it then your customer base? Testimonial commercials are like word-of-mouth advertising at it core but instead of just telling one person their telling maybe thousands at a time.

There are many more ways to do it and if you need help call us our team has many years of experience and we want to help your business grow. Call us at Rigel Studios 702-592-4673.


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