Here are 4 ways to help make a strong and lasting impression.

Building your brand is an important marketing process it is what represents who your business is and what you do but what good is a brand if no one remembers it? Here are 4 ways to help make a strong and lasting impression.

1. According to Psychologist Robert Cialdini the fastest way you can get someone to like you is to find common ground. In advertising that means giving your potential clients something that they can relate too. For example if your selling cat food you would want to feature cats relating to their owners. If you own the cat food company and talk about your love for your cat the better. Not only will they like you they will relate,trust and feel bonded to you.

2. Spice up the script to build interest by stating the facts in an engaging way. Instead of saying you sale cat food say you sale food to help cats live a healthier life. Curiosity may have killed the cat but by using attention getting statements that build inquisitiveness may just help you sale a lot of cat food.

3. Make a brand that is different as you are. If your competitor is using blue use red different doesn't mean weird it just means different. And once you get your brand don't change it and use it and only it for everything. If you do update it update it slowly people don't like change.

4. Use social media to stay in touch with your client base. By asking a lot of questions you can stay in touch with what your customer base wants and needs and it helps them feel appreciated and understood.

By using these four simple steps you can build your brand that people can come to love and trust and more importantly remember.

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