Why Humor Can Be Dangerous In Advertising.

If you ask anyone who's experienced in advertisement to do a funny ad you may see a look of horror in their eyes.

Why? After all, humorous commercials are a great way to burn your brand into the consumers minds but humor is well- dangerous because what's laughable to you may well be down right offensive to someone else. If that isn't reason enough here are two other reasons why you should really think before you produce your comical ad.

1. You don't have a crystal ball to see if everyone is in the mood for a good belly chuckle in today's economy many people are too stressed to get it. So maybe place the spot in a humorous sitcom and stay out of the news. Timing and placement is half the challenge.

2. Another issue you may face is the joke maybe too good and upstage your brand. "Where the Beef?" you may remember that but ask yourself who was that commercial for? If you do remember it good for you- if you don't your not alone. I had to think about it for a while and just so it doesn't drive you batty it was a Wendy's ad.

If you want to use humor go ahead but ask yourself is it worth it? Then do your homework that means spending a little extra time running the idea by all walks of life and getting their feed back. And really take the time to plan out your placement. We all know that ratings are easy to buy by but they're not everything.

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