Does Yelling Ever Really Work In Advertising?

Why do car dealers think that they have to yell at you every time they produce a commercial? If you ask them they would say that Shouting tends to promote a since of urgency. And in my case it does. I urgently grab the remote control and hit mute.

This type of advertising started in the 1940s and you can blame salesmen like Madman Muntz and Crazy Eddie for creating the crazy,screaming characters we see on TV today. It was successful so why fix something that's not broken? It may or may not be broken but it is defiantly showing some wear (mostly on my nerves). And while creating a since of urgency can be one way to do it there are different & newer technics that won't send em reaching for the mute button. Different and Newer can get you more attention in the long run by standing out from your competion. Here are two examples of the said Newer and Different ways.

1.Use emotion

One way to get them in your door is by using emotion according to advertising research by using an emotional response in a commercial influences the consumers reported response to buy than any other content of the ad's by a factor of 3-to-1.

2. Make them like you.

People buy with you because they like you. So, make yourself likeable and stop yelling at them. Studies have shown that positive emotions toward a brand have a greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments that are based on a brand's attributes. Amazing they don't have to even trust you just like you!

While the national car brands have changed their advertising ways many local car dealerships are stuck in the same old same old Me too of yesteryear. Stand out and come in to this decade with your adverting my mute button is looking a little worn out and could use a break.


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