4 Reasons Why You Should Use Video On Your Social Media Sites

1. Consumers are 12 times more likely to share an online video then a text article according to a study completed by Simply Measured and M Booth.

2. Users are more likely to click on and watch a video ad then they are to click on a text banner ad also, according to that study.

3. By posting a 10 Second teaser video on your social media site you can direct people to your website for the 'full story' or 'better yet full video'. Increasing your website traffic. Your tease can be simple like “Are you tired of the same old boring thing for dinner? If so I’m going to show you a super simple way to spice things up just click on the link below.”

4. Text tells them in black and white video however not only tells the viewer it shows them all in living color and sound. Increasing your chances of engaging the viewer. After all, doesn’t seeing a yummy looking plate of food get your attention more then someone writing about it?

No matter what your video needs call us! I'd be happy to help you. 702-592-4673

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