4 Ways To Make Your Old Ads New & Improved.

In an age when customers are becoming savvy & immune to the 5,000 advertisements a day (*Walker-Smith study) they are bombarded by those old “CRAZY AL SAYS GET DOWN HERE NOW!” spots and they no longer work as well. Here are 4 tips to modify your ad style to get the results you need. Let’s use for example a Car Dealership TV commercial.

1. Start out by presenting an issue/problem like “Would you trust your car enough to drive it though Death Valley in the summer time?” The question will get them to start to think and engaged them. In the commercial it self You may want to show a guy with a clunker looking at the death valley sign with maybe a buzzard sitting on it.

2. Tell them what’s in it for them. “If not maybe it’s time to upgrade because even if you’re not in Death Valley being stranded on the side of the road in the summer time can feel like it.” People need a reason to come into your business give them one. In the scene you may want to show a close up of the guy sweating and the scene then widens to show him broke down on the road. Latter, to walk in to the dealership to be greeted by an easy to like salesman.

3. Make them your friend. Show the guy driving away from the dealership in a new car. You’re then the hero- the very answer to the problem. The camera goes to the sales man. “At xyz dealership we can sale you a great car but even more then that we can give you piece of mind on the road.”

4. Tell them what you want them to do. It never hurts to give someone a little extra push. The message can be simple like stop by today or call now.

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