Advertising Budget 101.

Budgeting for your advertising is just as important as budgeting for you’re rent and power bill. Advertising is the thing that drives new customers to your door and keeps the old ones coming back. so how much should you budget for? There are many theories on how to do this and there’s so much complicated information out there. A Simple way to determine what your advertising budget is to take your gross monthly income and subtract your expenses, then take the left over amount and divided it according to your goals. If your goal is too grow your customer base fast you should set aside a large percentage of that money to advertise. If you’re already doing that great don’t stop. Advertising is like a large stone that rolls down hill the longer it rolls the more momentum it picks up. Cutting back is ok but don’t ever stop you’ll lose your investment you’ve already made and have to start all over again. Remember out of site out of mind.

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