3 Things that help make a great TV commercial.

  • It has to relate to your target consumer. So let’s just say it’s a product that will make a busy Mom’s life easier. It should show a busy Mom who clearly needs a break. Those Mom’s watching can associate with it and may feel like the product is right for them.

  • It should have emotion. You have to connect to your customers by making them feel something (as a general rule that something should be good). However, there is always the exception to the feel good rule for example a popular animal rescue group uses the emotion guilt to get donations in there commercial however they still did make a lot of people feel guilty enough to open there wallets. Another thing is if you decide to use humor to connect make sure you bounce it off several people before you go though with it. Out of all the emotions you can use this one can really backfire on you.

  • Make sure that it has a clear message. Did you ever see a commercial and wonder whom it’s from? Well that’s what I mean. Why go to all the effort if it’s not going to work? In order to avoid this you need to use your branding on everything you do no matter what style of commercial your doing people need to know it’s coming from you. The spot should have contact information. Depending on the type of spot it should tell them what you want them to do. It’s called a call for action it should be something like call today- Shop today – Don’t miss this sale. It helps motive the buyer to respond to your commercial after all, isn’t that the point?

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