Advertising Is All About Frequency & Reach.

Advertising is all about frequency and reach. Frequency is the number of times people are exposed to your marketing message. Reach means how many people that will see your advertisement. If you don’t have enough frequency your ad generally won’t work no matter how great it is.

According to a study done in the 1960 called ‘The Theory of Effective Frequency’ the average consumer needs to see your ad at least three times before they will act on it. Why? Well, according to the theory it takes the average consumer seeing an advertisement at least 3 times before they’ll act on it is because The first time someone is exposed to your ad, They ask themselves “What is this?”. The second time they ask themselves “So What?” and by the third time they decide whether or not they want to buy the product. Of course it has other factors on the speediness of there reaction to the ad such as brand recognition, price, how well it done ecta.

Later studies by ‘Canadian Grant Hicks’ suggested that that number was 3 to 5 times. No matter how many times it takes the point is you have to get business in front of the people. Marketing is the process of building relationships with your potential customers and that takes time. Unless it’s event advertisement running an ad for less then three months in any outlet is usually a waste of money because it takes time to get results.

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