What Should I Wear For My Video?

The number one question we get from someone who is going to appear on video is what do I wear.

Because we use the green screen a lot when creating website content we advise people not to wear green or shades of green. If your heart is set on green we can always shoot up against blue we just need to know a head of time so we can set it up before you get to our studio.

Solid colors are always good tight stripes or patterns however, tend to look electrified on camera. You should also try and avoid accessories that will take away from what you’re saying or that may cause reflective light beams against the studio lights. If your doing a video about your job you should dress in the same attire you would wear to work. In other words, if you’re a doctor scrubs are great. After all you need to look the part and you want people to recognize you in real life.

If you still not sure take a selfie of yourself in the outfit it will help you decide( and yes you send them to us we’d be happy to help you make your decision.)

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