Branding 101

So, lets start from basics what is branding? Basically branding is a business’s promise to their customers. It sets a business product or service apart from their competitors. A business brand should reflect who they are and who you want to be and how customers should view them.

So how important is branding? Branding is the corner stone in any business-advertising plan and the foundation of the brand is the logo. The logo should be everywhere from the business sign to the business card. It should communicate a message to the business’s customers.The logo should also have a tagline. A tagline can be as simple as “Ian’s Famous BBQ .” You get the idea.

Once you invest in your Branding it should be consistent for example, you won’t be seeing the golden arches of a fast food restaurant we all know and love in red and not yellow. It’s the perfect example of successful branding when even your two year old can spot it from the backseat of your car and that’s what every business big or small should aim for. If an owner does decide to make changes to your branding I would suggest that you do it slowly. From my experience is people don’t like change and they are more willing to accept it if it’s done a little at a time. Sometimes it is necessary to change the brand if it no longer reflects the company but think long and hard before you do it.

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