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Live Stream Podcast Studio

Live stream your podcast recording on any Social Media platform with professional Microphones and up to 3 HD cameras with a dedicated director. You can have choice of background . We even have a  teleprompter if you’d like to use it. We can even roll your video or images into the show. For an additional fee we can cut the show into clips for instagram. 


Commercials not just for TV anymore.

We do commercials for TV, Website & Social Media. Not advertising is like winking at a pretty girl in the dark you know what your doing but no one else does. 


Made for TV Shows

Would you like to see your show on TV? We can produce your show or infomercial and even help you with placement. 

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Lobby & Product Demo Videos

While your guest are waiting why not educate them on the other services or products you offer. And if you need a website or amazon explainer video we can do that too!

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Video Business Cards 

For a limited time 2-1 Video Business Cards only $99.00

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